Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2011

Sarah and I have really gotten a lot done over the break.  Tadpole's room is basically finished, just waiting on the bed to come in (Thanks Mom and Dad!).  Most of my school stuff is caught up and I got a little bored.  A while back we saw a target a set of finger lights.  Basically these are little LED lights that have a Velcro strap to go on your finger.  So I went into Tadpole's room, which at that point was mostly empty and turned off the lights, set the shutter to stay open on my camera and started "light painting."  I had seen this on a web site a while back and thought it was cool.  I've tried this a little before with sparklers so I thought I would try it with these lights.  It turns out, I'm not bad at this. . . if I do say so myself.   Here are a few of my best pictures.

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